At First Glance: Lortone 33B Double Barrel Tumbler

I’m going to try and make review this short, sweet and simple as it is my first time using it.  I’ll probably give an update on the tumbler in half a year when it’s been worked more and what not.

Yesterday I received my barrel polisher.  I had done a little bit of research before deciding which tumbler to go for.  In the end I chose the Lorton 33B Double Barrel Tumbler:

Lortone 22B Double Barrel Tumbler

I chose this polisher because in the review comments and product description it said:

  • The tumbler was quiet;
  • Silver jewellery could be polished within ten minutes
  • Two loads of jewellery could be polisher separately1

Soon after un-boxing I gave it a try.  Plugged in the “motor”, put shots into a 3lb barrel, as well as barreling compound and water.  This is the barrel as a whole:

3lb Barrel

The barrel is rubber, which aids in reducing noise. The lid is secured with a couple of components to ensure no leakage. From the picture below (left to right) is the screw fastener, the washer, lid (with removable instructions label), inner cap and rubber barrel:

Barrel Components

As I only wanted to test out the polisher I only had one barrel working (the other left on a shelf) and the machine was quiet.  However, it did move down the rollers during the polishing process.  I’m guessing having the second barrel will prevent this but I’ll determine this another time.

Overall the positives:

  • It tumbles quietly
  • The lid seals tightly but the inner cap should be cleaned/wiped after use due to the frothy compound/water mixture
  • Polishes silver quickly

Negatives of some sort:

  • The inner cap can be a little tricky to take off but that just means it’s doing it’s job in keeping sealed tight.  All you need to do it pull the lips/should of the barrel to loosen the cap.
  • The rubber leaves minor black “skid” marks on the table (that’s just an personal pet peeve)
  1. With other small workshop tumbler brands it is advised to leave the jewellery for 4-6 hours for their barrel polishers.  I don’t know how true that is but it seems a rather long time. []
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