Calligraphy Rings Update

Letter F


Dear Letter F,

Why must you make life hard?

Yours sincerely,

I kid.  However, the typographical ring bands haven’t quite worked out but that’s not to say they won’t work.  They will.  With certain characters the dimensions were a bit off, ergo parts of the character’s structural integrity was weakened.  No physical samples were made but this means I know what my font will require.  This will be the first time I’ve created my very own font but it’s skill I’ve been interested in and wondered how the process works.

With the font I hope to achieve:

  • Good thickness so there will not be an issue with the fragility of the ring
  • A nice, flowy cursive font
  • Italicised cursive font
  • Become more acquainted to producing custom fonts so I can develop on this series to create other jewellery pieces

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