Calligraphy Rings

For those who follow me on Twitter1, you will be aware that I have been working on simple ring bands based around calligraphy.  I find typography interesting, particularly cursive writing where you get a fluid continuity between letters, so wanted to experiment with making jewellery from cursive fonts.  For the samples I have used a Latin phrase ‘audere est facere’2, which translates to3 ‘to dare is to do’:

These rings are in platinum and yellow gold. The rings on the right consist of a more italicised calligraphy, the thing I will need to work on is making the letters of the font flow into one another better as with certain letters the ring band won’t always have that fluidity. Other than that I think they look great.

  1. The more likely source to find out first hand what I’m up to. []
  2. Tottenham Hotspur fans will be familiar with the saying. []
  3. Or at least I hope it does… []
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