Here Comes the Bride

A couple of weeks ago I was given the honour of creating jewellery for my auntie’s weddings.  For the wedding she wanted an simple arm cuff and a neckpiece with the addition of two other pieces, which would be gifts for her maid of honour and bridesmaid.  With pieces to design and be given the green light, as well as making the pieces, I knew the completion would go down to the wire and thankfully all jewellery was done within time.

There were a few hiccups (an understatement?  Possibly.) along the way but everything worked out and come the special day (29th June) I was thrilled to hear the jewellery was “perfect” and “better than the pictures (CAD renderings)”.  Compliments don’t get much better than that and I’m really happy my auntie loved them.

This would be the part where I show off pictures of the commission pieces but that’s how little the time frame between finishing the pieces and the wedding hour was.  Also, the photos I did managed to take don’t do the pieces any justice so I’ll post pictures another day (that, or they’ll be up on my Commissions page).  I do have CAD renderings however.  The final pieces were tweaked  to look more fluid, prettier and less bulky than what the renderings show.

Simplicity was key during the design process and with the bride not sure about the kind of jewellery she wanted I asked her to peruse my online boutique and pick out pieces she liked.  From there bespoke pieces were designed specially for her big day.

Feather neckpiece – this piece is a deviation of my Lamina Neckpiece.  The feathers have two different finishes, high polish and satin, to give the piece more depth.  The dangling feathers are smaller on the actual piece and I tweaked the “stems” to give the piece a more fine jewellery feel.  I feel this piece complimented the bride’s dress very well (fortunately, as I forgot to ask to see the dress…whoops).

Arm cuff – the thinking behind the cuff was to amalgamate the bride’s design of the bride’s engagement rings and the neckpiece.  Instead of setting the cuff with a synthetic amethyst pear/teardrop I substituted with an amethyst Swarovski oval crystal.

Filigree hoops earrings – all the pieces were made from silver but the filigree embellishments on hoops were rose gold plated, each hoop is set with a rhodolite garnet.

Kirie pendant – a more simplistic piece based on my Kirie collection.

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